Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

When we have very important goods, we want them to last as long as possible in their best performance, maintaining the same quality and reliability as when new. For this to occur we must, in addition to keeping it preserved and being careful when using it, carry out the proper maintenance. For example when a car is new we want it to last and not give us problems, an in order for it to be preserved we perform several maintenances.

One of the main maintenance is called Preventive Maintenance. This is recommended so that the equipment lasts for a long time. Provolt rectifiers have a maintenance schedule for about 6 years, thus replacing end-of-life componentes as indicated by manufacturers. These 6 years are mainly divided into three stages, in the second year of manufacture, the power factor capacitors are replaced, in the third year, the cooling fans and electrolytic capacitors, in the sixth and last year, all three components are replaced, fans, power factor capacitors, and electrolytic capacitors.

During the years when there are no replacements the planned maintenance is Predictive. Also considered an important maintenance, as it consists of the inspection of the equipment where the technician analyzes the data through instruments and tools, such as temperature measurements during its operation, noise analysis, insulation analysis, and others.This maintenance predicts teh risk of possilbe damage to the equipment with the period of Preventive maintenance and avoid Corrective maintenance, if it is necessary to replace teh components in advance due to adverse conditions.

With this, we conclude that maintenance is extremely important so that the equipment does not stop due to a problem that could be avoided. And so the reliability, quality and preservation of the equipment increases its duration in great conditions for longer. In addition, the equipment warranty by the manufacturer can also increase, due to the periodicity and constant inspection and replacement of important components that are constantly being used and worn during the operantion of the equipment.

Written by: Daniel N. Cunha
February 21, 2022

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