Monitoring and Alarm Solutions

Compact equipment and easy installation and operation, able to meet the most diverse applications. They have programmable channels that can be configured individually for normally open free potential, usually closed or analog input from 0 to 10V or from 4 to 20mA. The system is modular where it can be connected to MOD-BUS network modules, providing from 8 to
384 alarm points.

When triggering an abnormality on any sensor, it will visually alarm by flashing LED on the sinotic and an audible alarm. It will also trigger configurable external signalling relays for use on sirens or signalers. They have reset alarm key to silence the audible alarm, remaining the visual alarm lit until the sensor is normalized.


Alarm Monitoring for: Propulsion systems, MCP's, MCA's, tanks, doors, flooding, fire, etc.


  • Integrated and modular solutions
  • Communication, RS-485 Mod-bus and RS-232
  • Programming with PC via Hyper Terminal
  • LCD indicator to identify alarms in writing
  • Light Intensity Adjustment (dimmer)
  • Test flags
  • Key for audible alarm cancellation
  • Signals: Operating mode, programming, communication, alarms
  • NO or NC dry contact outputs for remote signaling
  • HMI Master (main)
  • HMI Slave (remote)
  • Sensor input module: 24 inputs (8A + 8B + 8C)
  • Slot for NPN, PNP, Analog Inputs by voltage and current sensors
  • Logger-data acquisition (optional)
  • Monitoring, operation and configuration by touchscreen
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