1 to 7,5CV

220V and 380V

High Performance Vector

Based on the high-performance vector software platform, PI150 series inverters are economical models that meet the speed control demands of smaller equipment and machine's three-phase motors.


  • Packing
  • Print
  • Spinning
  • Construction
  • Laboratory
  • Plastic
  • Machinery industry: manufacturing, extrusion, injection, braiding, fans, cutting, conveyor, conveyor, pumps, glass, polishing, laundry, dryers, etc.


  • 32-bit DSP-based control performs high-performance vector control algorithm.
  • Operates with asynchronous induction motors or permanent magnet synchronous motors.
  • Control mode: vector flow control, open mesh, V/F control.
  • DC Braking: can add PID to regulate the braking system with DC.
  • Overload capacity: rated current 150% - 60 seconds, rated current 200% - 1 second (vector flow control open ring).
  • 5 programmable output control posts.
  • Slip compensation available.
  • Multi-speed up to 16 speeds.
  • Available up to 2 stages of acceleration.
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Control SystemHigh-performance vector control inverter based on DSP
Control MethodV/F control and open ring vector flow control
Auto torque boost functionNotices low frequency (1Hz) and controls in wide torque range in V/F control mode
Acceleration and deceleration controlLinear acceleration and deceleration, 4 acceleration and deceleration time options, available time range from 0.0 to 6500.0 seconds
V/F Curve modeLinear, square root/ m-th power, custom V/F curve
Overload capacityRated current 150% - 60 seconds, rated current 200% - 2 seconds
Maximum frequency0.0 to 400Hz
Carrier frequency0,5 to 16kHZ
Input frequency resolutionDigital: 0.01Hz . Analog: maximum frequency × 0.025%
Starting torque1:100 (open ring vector flow control)
Stabilized speed accuracyOpen ring vector flow control: 0.5% < ± (synchronized speed rate)
Torque response< 40ms (open ring vector flow control)
VariousTorque boost, DC braking, jogging control, multi-speed operation, internal PID, automatic voltage control (AVR)
Control input signalsOperation method, frequency parameter, start signal, multi-speed, emergency stop, wobbulate operation, reset failure, PID feedback signal
Operating FunctionLimited frequency, jump frequency, slip compensation, auto-tuning, PID control, braking current control, reversal protection
ProtectionOvervoltage, undervoltage, over current, overload, overtemperature protection, overcurrent stall, stall overvoltage lock, communication error, PID feedback signal abnormality, current IGBT temperature on display, re-establishment of operation after a momentary power failure, inverter automatically tracks engine speed after start-up, password protection function
Input voltage (VCA phases)220 1Ø - 220 3Ø ±10% 380 3Ø ±10%
Network frequency50/60Hz ± 5%
Output voltage0-100% of network voltage
Ramp time0,0 to 3.200 seconds
Start/off., reset, turning direction, etc.5
LogicNPN or PNP
Voltage level9 to 30Vcc 2,4k Ώ
Number of analog inputs1
Voltage level0 to 10Vdc
Current level0 to 20 mA
Voltage level24Vdc
Pulse input precision0 to 100kHz
Output number1
Analog output number1 (9 types of selectable signals)
Voltage level0 to 10Vdc
Current level0 to 20 mA
Quantity1 (250VAC 7Amp)
Communication portRS485/232
Operation Temperature-10°C to 40°C(temperature 40°C to 50°C, use reducing coefficient of 2% for each °C above 40°C)
Security normsIEC61800-5-1:2007
CEM normsIEC61800-3:2005
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