Control and starting of three-phase motors

The PR5300 Series of Soft-Starter engines, marketed by Provolt, is the solution for smooth-starter engine starts.
The PR5300 line is the best cost-effective solution for control of engines without speed control.

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5 starting modesStarting mode with voltage reduction, current limit start mode, current limit and lock mode, starting mode with increasing voltage and lock, current limit starting mode and double ring closed start mode.
2 stop modesStop mode with smooth voltage reduction and free stop.
Main CircuitIt adopts three out of six stages of output getting automatic monitoring.
DesignDue to the high efficiency and optimization of the internal space, the entire line of Soft-Starter's PR5300 is relatively compact and easy to install.
5 simplified PLC functions:Delay in departure, lock control, output error/defect alarm, departure time and stop time.
Different types of protection:Over current, subcurrent, overload, lack of phase in the inlet/outlet, overheating, ensuring the safety of the equipment and engine.
Automatic identification:Phase sequence and phase sequence protection.
High reliability1 year warranty (3+9 months)
Power15 a 500CV / 11kW a 400kW
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