Seeking improvement with new technologies, we present the CBP Battery Charger. A quality product with great cost/benefit ratio.

CBP Battery Chargers are controlled using microprocessor technology. They are designed to be efficient, compact, economical and easy to operate with reduced and simple maintenance.

Developed specifically to meet the industrial area, with exclusive Provolt technology totally national.

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CabinetThe equipment is manufactured on a steel panel, with electrostatic paint in gray powder (RAL7032).
Digital DisplayV/E - Voltage per element
Volt - Full battery voltage
A/h - load current
Teq - Equalization time
Led`s<U undervoltage or AC input fault;
Flotation (100%);
Battery charge level: 50%, 70% e 90%.
Soft-StartSystem that eliminates the surge of power in the battery when the charger is turned on or when the battery is connected. Thermomagnetic circuit breaker at the input, NH fuse at the output. In three-phase models the electronic circuit blocks the output in the absence of phase or subvoltage in the network.
AutomaticThe electronic circuit constantly supervises the voltage from the charging current in the battery to the full recharge, equalizing it and keeping it in floating load offsetting self discharge battery.
Input voltageThrough simple internal configuration allows equipment to operate at voltages of 110/220 Volts in single-phase models and 380/440 Volts, in three-phase models.
Output voltageThe output voltage can range from 12vcc to 48vcc.
Output currentWe have models available from 15A to 150A. The output current of the equipment is sized according to the capacity of the battery bank.
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